SaaS solution for simplified deployment

Using a secure connection to Akleza's cloud, the CableDiag™ tools are deployed without the need for dedicated on-site equipment and can be accessed by technicians both in the office and in the field. Let Akleza take care of managing the system and software while you focus on resolving problems in your network. Our SaaS solution makes it easy to try out the system and immediately get feedback on potential troublespots and problem areas.

Our Products

CableDiags™ is an ever evolving set of tools to help Cable Operators locate impairments in their HFC network that effect both broadband internet and cable TV services.


Analyze pre-equalization coefficient responses from cable modems, set-top boxes and CMTSs to identify cable plant impairments.

Automatically categorize problems based on location, in-home, drop/feeder cabling or mainline plant, and assign severity. Group similar responses to triangulate problem and provide distance from common connection point. Identify Group Delay and Micro-reflection problems hidden by the pre-equalization process before they become critical.

CableDiagEQ™ continually monitors for changes and can send alerts when a worsening trend is detected.

Reduce the number of truck rolls and time spent resolving problems by going to the correct location and immediately validating any changes.


Remote spectrum analysis capabilities throughout the network for a fraction of the cost of traditional test equipment.

CableDiagRF™ further enhances the operators diagnostic ability with always-on spectrum analysis capabilities. Using the full band spectrum capture feature of the latest DOCSIS 3.0, technicians can look at the entire downstream signal, not just the DOCSIS portion giving you thousands of test points throughout your network that can be accessed at any time.

Automatic impairment detection highlights potential problems in the captured spectrum such as; suckout, roll-off, tilt, standing waves, resonant peaks, adjacency and FM radio ingress. Spectrum collection and analysis based on time of day or escalation events allow transient problems to captured that before would only be observed if a technician happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Our Technology

Contributing to R&D conducted within CableLabs and leading Cable Operators over the last several years, Akleza's products bring tried and field tested techniques to the complex problem of identifying problems and impairments in the cable network.

With the rollout of DOCSIS 2.0 along with a transition to wider bandwidth channels and higher order modulation schemes the use of pre-equalization to support the demands on upstream services has become the norm. By collecting the pre-equalization coefficients from the network and performing some complex math and analysis it is possible to determine information about the upstream impairments that the pre-equalization process is working around.

More recently with the introduction of full band spectrum capture capabilities in modern DOCSIS 3.0 CPE equipment it is now possible to remotely collect full downstream spectrum data using equipment installed throughout the network without interrupting a subscribers service. Developing spectrum analysis algorithms allows this spectrum data to be inspected for spectral impairments that not only effect high speed data service but the video portion of the spectrum.

Our CableDiags tools are Powered By CableLabs giving you access to troubleshooting techniques and technology already deployed across a large part of the collective cable network.

Product Features


Identify, classify and locate upstream cable impairments
Automatic severity assesment and alerting
Immediate repair check bt field technician
Fewer truck rolls and improved MTTR


Remote spectrum analyzers throughout the network
Channel and impairment auto detection
Scheduled and event driven spectrum capture
Non-service effecting with no subscriber home access required

Cloud Based

No up front equipment costs or long term commitments
Simple SaaS model, use and pay for only those modules you require
Up and running in less than an hour

CableDiags NextGen Network Maintenace

Use data from the CMTSs and Cable Modems already installed in your network to diagnose existing and mitigate future network impairments and paving the way for DOCSIS 3.1. Our cloud based SNMP solution gives you visibility into problem areas of the network without the need to deploy expensive test equipment or interupt subscriber services.

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